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“Taking Chances” FREE on Kindle!

Taking Chances is available on Amazon Kindle for FREE for a limited time! Time is running out so be sure to get a copy! Advertisements

“Taking Chances” FREE on Amazon Kindle 4/30

Taking Chances is available on Amazon Kindle for FREE for a limited time! This is Day 2 of the deal so be sure to grab a copy!

Taking Chances FREE on KINDLE!

My novel , Taking Chances, is free on Amazon Kindle starting today 4/29 and will continue to be free through Tuesday. Be sure to grab a copy and tell your friends to pick on up as well. It is 100% free for Kindle users during that time frame! I hope you enjoy and be sure to ...

“Taking Chances” Release!!

My novel, Taking Chances, was released yesterday!! After three years of writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading, the book is finally finished and is now available in paperback and for download on Kindle. I am so excited to finally have more of my work out there and to have my first novel debut. I hope you all ...

Novel Release Date!

My novel is set for release! It's been a long time since I began writing it and finished the first draft, but now it is finally complete and will be coming out in paperback on Amazon in two weeks. I have sweated over this story for a long time and am happy to be finished ...


Taking Chances Paperback and New Novel

I have finished the final edit (I think) for my first novel, Taking Chances. I have ordered proofs of the paperback to ensure that everything comes out right in terms of the print, but it will also give me a chance to read it where I can read the book itself rather than sit there and critique ...