I haven't been reading much and I also haven't been writing much. The last book I read was Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and the last bit of "writing" I did was editing Sirens. As far as Oliver Twist goes, it wasn't bad. It was a difficult read because of the vast vocabulary Dickens had … Continue reading 16AUG2022



I've come to see from experience how difficult it is to get any writing done without a routine... My schedule has gotten a little chaotic with work and life and my work schedule isn't exactly set at the moment and so it's been tough to get anything done because it's either too early in the … Continue reading 7JUN21


Well, after almost a full three years of being published, my close friend finally read my first novel. Three years later, there are still grammar and errors in it which I missed and so did my editor. On top of that, I've gotten a new computer and haven't purchased Microsoft Word for it so I … Continue reading 17DEC2020


I've finished the first draft of my first crime fiction story. I'm pretty excited to be done. In the words of Dorothy Parker, "I hate writing, I love having written." Sometimes the physical act of writing seems daunting and overwhelming, mainly because we can put so much pressure on ourselves either because we expect perfection … Continue reading 03DEC2020