I've been having quite a bit of fun writing satire. I'm not the funniest guy in the world nor am I a world-class comedian, but something about satire allows me to bring out some of the funny I have in me through a medium that is meant to be half serious. I remember reading Thomas … Continue reading 10JUN2021


I've come to see from experience how difficult it is to get any writing done without a routine... My schedule has gotten a little chaotic with work and life and my work schedule isn't exactly set at the moment and so it's been tough to get anything done because it's either too early in the … Continue reading 7JUN21

Frequent Drips of Dopamine

He sat in his plush-cushioned tattered brown recliner, his glossy corneas reflecting the images he graciously consumed, devouring every image and his ears every sound. His gut was filled with copious amounts of sugar, carbohydrates, and fat that kept him glued to his chair, feeling winded and tired any time he attempted to rise out … Continue reading Frequent Drips of Dopamine