Sometimes ya just need boredom

I managed to knock out 2000 words of a story in one sitting after having not worked on that story in over two months. I’m pretty proud of myself for that. Not for the two months thing, but for sitting down and actually writing for that long and developing my story much more than I expected to after taking a leave of absence from writing (not purposefully). 

2000 words really isn’t all that much for parts of a story, but it can be a lot to put down at one time. Kind of like when I was writing my first novel, just having nothing to do but be stuck staring at a computer screen with not much else to do can help you get, at the very least, started on your story. When I pulled up the story on my computer, I anticipated writing maybe 400 words simply because I hadn’t touched the story in a long time and I didn’t intend to write a whole lot, but I got on a roll and kept with it and now I’ve gotten my story to a place where it doesn’t feel daunting or overwhelming to work on. 

I’m going to hit it a bit more today and I know I’ve said this before, but I want to post more often so I actually set a reminder to write each morning whether it be a story or blogging so be on the lookout! If you have any tips for me on how to stay consistent or want to share how you keep a writing routine, feel free to comment here and let me know!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes ya just need boredom

  1. I think my advice to revisit your work. Sometimes a break helps. Or you can also just get started. Just randomly start writing. 🙂 music is always a good source of inspiration too. 🙂

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