Blackhawks Record-Breaking Opener

The Chicago Blackhawks opened up their season the other night against the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins in spectacular fashion. With old favorites and scoreboard impacting players returning to the ice in Hawks jerseys once again, fans got what they were hoping for and more. With Sharp and Saad returning to the Hawks, Saad’s hat trick, and Sharp’s goal, both on their first game back, it was a night to remember.

Ryan Hartman opened up the scoring for the season with the first goal on a magnificent and jaw-dropping play. Patrick Kane dropped back a no-look pass to Hartman who lifted it into the net, his and the team’s first of the season. And that was just the beginning. The Blackhawks would score five goals in the first period with four coming in the first ten minutes.

The team was electric, feeding off of any sliver of momentum they got. Nick Schmaltz would go on to get two goals. Patrick Kane scored a goal off of a backhand shot where he almost nowhere to go but found some space top-shelf at an angle only he could find. Brent Seabrook got his first of the season as well. Everyone was on that night, putting the defending champions on their heels and eventually had them leaving with their tails between their legs.

This team gave fans a lot to look forward to. Breaking the franchise record for most goals scored in a season-opening game, the Chicago Blackhawks look to gear up for a great season as they prepare for their game tonight against the Columbus Blue Jackets, the team Saad just came from and the Breadman, Artemi Panarin, was just traded to. The matchup tonight looks to be a good one and we will just have to wait and see how the two teams come out against each other tonight as the Blackhawks look to keep their momentum going.


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