Two More Officers Down

It’s been a very sad year for Chicago as the Chicago Police Department suffers more loss as two officers, Ofc. Conrad Gary and Ofc. Eduardo Marmolejo, were struck by a high-speed train while investigating the area of a shots fired call in the 005th District.

Both officers were fathers of young children, Ofc. Gary had just had his first child born and Ofc. Marmolejo being a father of three. Both were relatively new officers as they’d been on the job less than two years. It’s been a sad year for CPD but specifically the 005th District Calument, as they’ve now lost two officers in one incident as well as two other officers earlier in the year who perished from self-inflicted gunshot wounds in the district’s parking lot on separate dates.

The Chicago Police Department says the subject they believe to have discharged the firearm which led to the call Ofcs. Gary and Marmolejo responded to is in custody. While this is good news, unfortunately, it’s not in the hands of the Cook County States Attorney which means it can go one of two ways: he’ll get the minimum sentence or he’ll get acquitted. It’s sad to say, but aside from some citizens and other departments that have their back, CPD seems to be on their own when it comes to enforcing the law.

I can only hope and pray that Ofcs. Gary and Marmolejo are the last officers to perish this year, or ever for that matter. Let us not forget them and their sacrifice and let’s pray for them as well as the families they left hear on Earth.


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