Do I feel dumb…

I looked at my posts in the mobile version of WordPress from a visitor standpoint and saw my formatting was all off. The text ran all over the page, behind the sidebars, and I was unable to scroll over to actually read it. I was distraught. I saw that multiple posts were like this so it wasn’t just one mistake. I looked at how to customize the theme to ensure the text and formatting showed properly. I even started using a new theme in hopes of trying to fix it!

After emailing WordPress support, I found the real reason my posts were looking like a hot dumpster fire. When copy and pasting from Google Docs, the formatting is lost and scattered. Because of the way it is coded in the doc, it doesn’t transfer well to WordPress for whatever reason. Please, forgive me. I have fixed the posts I’ve recently created that I saw with that issue and hopefully they should all be working fine now. I found I needed to use the “paste as plain text” option in order for them to display properly.

Wow guys, thanks for letting me know. Geez. I went this entire time publishing stories that way and had no idea they all looked like gibberish. Writing directly into WordPress is fine and maybe even in the reader they display okay but clicking into the posts made them look horrendous. Hopefully, they should all be readable and enjoyable now. Happy reading! Maybe I can somehow get my old theme back, although I don’t think the current one is bad either…

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