A Day at the Cages

For the first time in almost two years, the other day I stepped into the box and took some hacks at the batting cages. I haven’t played competitive baseball in almost 4 years and haven’t played a game in at least two. After tearing my PCL in Jiu Jitsu, I imagined my days of being able to swing a bat let alone play baseball would be over but after swinging at the cages the other day, I realized my knee would hold up just fine during the swing. My time behind the plate, where I spent the last years of my baseball career, may be behind me.

The entire left side of my body is sore. After swinging for nearly an hour, I forgot how hard your muscles work during a baseball swing. From my calves up to my shoulders, my muscles are beyond fatigued and something as simple as walking hurts. On top of that, I also have blisters on my hands from taking so many swings.

I haven’t played in a couple years but my friend Charlie is still actively chasing the dream of playing in the bigs as a lefty pitcher and I have played catch with him and even caught his bullpens as I did in little league, high school, and college ball before I tore my PCL. My arm needs to knock some rust off but I was able to get some rust off my swing which was much needed. Once Charlie comes back to town or if I can find another throwing partner, I’m going to warm up my wing and hopefully get back at it.

I’ve been talking with the player of a men’s league team in the Chicago area. My previous work schedule didn’t allow for much to do outside of work but now, with a new schedule, playing ball again becomes an option. I’ve stayed in good overall shape since I stopped playing competitively and I’d say I’m in better shape now than I was the later years of my baseball career, but my arm and baseball muscles have some stretching and catching up to do. Hopefully, I’ll be back on the field this summer to play some baseball instead of only writing about it.


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