Gift idea for avid readers

While I love a traditional paperback book in my hand more than any other medium with which to read something, the Amazon Kindle is an amazing thing for any huge reader to have. Being able to download thousands of books to one device and carry it around with you anywhere is so convenient and allows you to read so much more. There’s even a Kindle App so you can get your library on your phone and carry select books around with you and leave the actual Kindle device at home. I’ve read so many books because of this feature because it’s just so simple and convenient.

No, this isn’t some paid promotion, although I wish it was because it’d be cool if Amazon was paying me to promote something I actually use. I guess it’s E-readers in general that change the game but Kindle is the one I have and use. With the app on my phone and being able to buy and download books (many free if you can find PDFs of them online somewhere), I’ve read so many books that I thought I’d never get to. If you love reading but struggle with the difficulty of bringing a book with you everywhere, check out an E-reader.

Christmas is coming up so if you can think of a relative that loves to read, one of these would be great for them if they don’t already have one. I was originally against them because I liked the feeling of a real physical book in my hands and the smell of the pages but I’ve come to realize I can’t fit that many books on my bookshelves (which are now full and I have to stack books on the floor) and how convenient it is to want to buy a book and find it online and start reading it within seconds.

I’ve read a lot of books in physical paperback or hardcover form and many on Kindle. I love paperback most but I struggle to read paperback books at night when I’m reading before bed. The Kindle’s screen lights up to make it easily readable. Like I said, it’s not a paid promotion, just a massively convenient tool that I use all the time and figured I’d pass the idea on to you if you don’t already have one because of the time and money it’s saved me. Also, huge part of getting a Kindle, if the book says $6.99 for Kindle, it’s $6.99, tax included. That’s it. They’re usually a couple dollars cheaper than the paperback versions and usually at least ten dollars cheaper than the hardcover. So you’re saving money, space, and time. Jeez, Amazon should pay me for that review…


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