Well, I sent off Sirens to an editor and wow… how did a university give me an English degree? I saw more red than I saw black ink. My grammar was awful, apparently I struggle with “misplaced participle phrases,” and I have clunky wording. This all is particularly disheartening considering this is technically the THIRD edit. It’s the first with a fresh eye looking at it, but the third total after I went through it twice. I didn’t catch ANY of what my editor did. Thank God I sent it to an editor before anyone paid for it and wanted their money back.

This is why I hate editing: because I don’t have the eye for it. My editor, a former English teacher and long-time novel editor, has the eye and the skill to catch these things. She’s been great explains each thing I managed to screw up. If you’re ever debating on whether or not an editor is worth it, stop debating. It is! But don’t waste your time on someone who’s going to charge you thousands for a short novel. Get a former English teacher and avid reader who can read your prose to find grammatical and style mistakes. Most other editors seem to add zeros to the grand total as if that’s going to make your book a best-seller, only for your family and friends to be your only fans.


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