The State of Chicago

I must say, what Chicago is becoming is horrendous. Merchants leaving, stores closing, violence approaching 90s levels but all over the city rather than in isolated areas, citizens unsafe, and police with no resources to do their jobs are overwhelming. All these horrible factors are changing the game all at once and there’s not a leader in a position to do anything about it. I know the mayor won’t do anything and neither will the superintendent. The mayor would have to admit she was wrong which she is too hard-headed to do and the superintendent couldn’t care less about the city as he still spends each weekend in Dallas. Each year, the superintendent is supposed to go to the families of fallen officers’ houses for Christmas and he’s the only one not to do so. He has shown time and time again, he’s there for a paycheck and to play the part of the political underling. It’s truly a shame because Chicago, a once vibrant and glorious city, is now falling victim to poor leadership, downright vindictive ideology, and absolute failure of duty by its leaders.

The City of Chicago hasn’t had a real leader in quite some time. They have all been political hacks hoping to pad their resume for their next position while they allow the city and its citizens to fall further and further into despair. While Chicago has never been one of the safest cities to live in, in the past you could at least count on the legal system to do its job but now that too has been taken over by ideologues and puppets who are there specifically to fail at the stations they swore to uphold while progressing steadily towards turning Chicago into the next major bankrupted city. Corruption and Chicago have been synonymous for quite some time, but the politicians running this city have gotten so comfortable in their doings that where they once played the system, they now completely own the strings they pull and there’s nothing anyone, from inside or out, can do to stop them.

The corruption has gotten so massive in Chicago, as well as the State of Illinois, that it’s become the next “Too Big To Fail” enterprise. While Illinois has struggled with deficits and budgeting for decades, the citizens are left paying higher taxes for less or decaying resources as those who were elected to run the State and the City of Chicago continuously get away with utter negligence and incompetence as they continue to vote to increase their salaries.

As Chicago goes, the State of Illinois goes. Unfortunately, Chicago is plummeting in every aspect from its economy, its safety, and its progress. It has gotten significantly more dangerous for citizens of all races, creeds, ethnicities, and political affiliations from the north, south, west, and east. Police have been demonized, defunded, and demoralized as their “leaders” allow their resources and abilities to be taken away so they struggle daily to keep the city covered as they face a staffing crisis. The funding for the mayor’s and other politicians’ “projects” has taken priority over providing the basic services city governments are charged with providing to citizens. Merchants and retail stores are fleeing the former Hub of Commerce Chicago once was for greener and safer pastures as politicians and media outlets continue to lie to the people they serve as if the people can’t see it with their own eyes. It’s difficult to have any commerce, economy, or stability when you have rampant crime, a corrupted legal system, and a general lack of competence from so-called “leaders.” No entrepreneur or businessman/woman is going to invest their money in an area where they are expected to rely primarily on insurance as their line of defense against theft and bankruptcy.

Chicago has become a city where once the sun goes down, citizens must head inside for their own safety, regardless of how safe their neighborhood once was. It’s truly a shame because Chicago was a fantastic city to grow up in. It was the City of Broad Shoulders that handled business, created opportunity, and harbored hard-working people looking to put roots in a place that would provide resources and opportunities to their descendants. It’s sadly become an unsafe crumbling shell of what it used to be. Some say it’s beyond saving. But maybe, Chicago and its citizens could bring in another age of bustling opportunity if they prioritize competence, stick to their solidified goals, hold their leaders and people accountable, and stand up straight with their shoulders back to do what needs to be done to lift this City back up into another enlightened era. Maybe, just maybe, the City could be saved.


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