Old Time Radio

I recall playing LA Noire, a video game in which you play as LAPD Detective Cole Phelps in 1947, right after WWII. It’s a fantastic game with a lot of guns blazin’ action coupled with fascinating investigative work. I can go on for hours about this game as it’s one of my favorites but one … Continue reading Old Time Radio


Well, this whole crime fiction writing is a bit tough. Not that other genres of writing are easy, it’s just difficult to get so many things write in crime fiction. The police procedural aspect must be accurate. The interactions between cops must be realistic. The case they’re investigating has to be intriguing and include complex details and … Continue reading 29OCT2021

The Golden Child Part Two

Carmine pulled the unmarked car into a spot kiddie corner from Courtney’s mom’s house. It was eleven-fifteen the following Tuesday morning after they’d spoken to the little girl. Carmine parked the car, rolled down his window halfway, and killed the engine. He pulled out a pack of cigarettes from the center console and lit one, … Continue reading The Golden Child Part Two