Sometimes, writing something can feel like preparing a term paper: you know you have to do it, the only way to get it done is to sit down and write it, but you have a mental block that makes you want to avoid the strenuous activity of sitting down to punch at the keys. I don’t mean writer’s block. I consider writer’s block as sitting down to write but nothing is coming to you and you stare at the blank page for hours on end. This is different. It’s almost like procrastinating, hence my comparison to a term paper. Once you sit down to do it, it seems to nearly write itself, but knowing it’s going to be a stressful ordeal makes you avoid it.

That’s what I keep dealing with. I have a story that I’m working on (or not working on) which I like writing and I’m excited to see where the story’s going. However, because it’s going to be difficult, I keep pushing it off. The story has a lot of potential but my worry is that I’ll get it started but won’t be able to properly deliver a quality product. I imagine that’s every writer’s worry, seems to come with the territory unfortunately. I hope that whenever I do get it done, people will enjoy it but I have a bit to go before it’s done. On top of that, I hate editing. I sort of have an editor, someone I can send the work to, but even fixing all my mistakes after and completing rewrites can be quite a pain and that’s the pain I truly hate. I used to like writing poetry because once I reached the last line of the poem, I was finished with it. I didn’t do any editing and I was fine with that. That’s also probably why my career as a poet didn’t take off either.


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