Finding Time to Write Is a Pain

My new career has me pulling long days with short nights followed by even longer days. I have little time to write and when I find it, it’s not the number one thing on my list to do. A lot of writers will tell you that being a writer is more about sitting there thinking about writing than actually doing it. We are procrastinators by definition. With things the way they are now, I have a set schedule, but I don’t at the same time. Once I have everything set, it’ll be much easier to find time to write.

I like having a routine. Unfortunately, the routine I have right now doesn’t allow for any deviation that doesn’t take away the small amount of sleep I get. I’m sleeping about five hours per night and working 12 hours per day. It’s not bad, really, but I can’t afford to do much once I get home because I have just enough time to prepare for the next day and once that’s done, it’s time for bed. I’ve been attempting to find time to write at work but that’s proven to be rather difficult. Once I establish a routine, which will happen immediately after my initial training, then I’ll have more time to write and finish a story that doesn’t sound like total and complete shit.

I’ve been thinking over and over about the story I’m currently working on (or occasionally come back to when I’m not working and it doesn’t seem so daunting), but the project, even though it’s a short story, seems daunting. I’m looking at the project as a whole, so it seems overwhelming and I know that. I’m trying to break it down into little chunks, but even that seems to add weight to my shoulders, like the monkey on my back keeps picking up stones each time I go to take another step. It’ll come along, I know it will. I like where the story is headed, I just have to find the time and motivation to sit down and write it.

I know that I only have a few followers and probably only a handful of people, if that, read these posts, but if you do I want to say thank you and if you have any questions about writing, my books, or really about anything, feel free to comment or send me an email!


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