Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! My dad has a pot roast in the oven and I’m looking forward to taking some with me to work. The lovely scent of the roast already has me salivating. While it’s a little cold, it’s a pretty nice day to celebrate.

I hope that all the first responders that will be having an Easter Dinner in their squad cars or at the fire stations will be safe as well as members of our armed forces that are deployed overseas. I hear people complain all the time about how they work their 9-5 and are upset when they don’t get a snow day or complain about having to stay late an hour or two. First responders and military members spend holidays away from their families because those professions don’t take a day off. They’re always working. When police catch a major call late in the shift, they stay until it’s taken care of. Same with Fire and EMS. Be thankful you’re not in the twelfth hour of your shift securing a crime scene, treating a gunshot victim, or fighting a blaze with a family inside. Be thankful for what you have and that you don’t have to know that stress. Typically when you interact with police or EMS, it’s a bad day for you because you’re a victim of something. Now imagine every day is like this and the stress that would build up. That’s a police officer’s, a firefighter’s, and a paramedic’s every day.

I’ve been watching some video on YouTube about the effects of the gun violence that has been plaguing Chicago for decades. It’s on a channel called “Bloody Chicago” and it talks about the homicides and shootings that occur every day and the impact they have on the community, specifically the older generations that are tired of it and the younger generations that grow up with the impression that this is how things are supposed to be. It also talks about the toll it takes on the first responders. The police that are the first on scene and Fire/EMS that treat so many victims. It’s an interesting channel if you’re interested.




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