On a Tear

I wrote almost one thousand words today for FN and finished the chapter I’d been working on. They were good, purpose-driven, and story-pushing words. Typically, I’ll write 200-500 words in a sitting because some days, it’s difficult to come up with meaningful noteworthy stuff. But today, I was able to write 1000 words that seemed to keep rolling one after another. It’s a beautiful day outside and it’s a good day to write.

I progressed the story today with much more material than I originally had in my outline. I didn’t think it would go as well as it did. Unfortunately, that means when I go back to edit it I’m going to think it’s absolute trash. And who knows, maybe it is, but damn it felt good as I was writing it! No first draft is close to being good. That’s the nature of the beast. But even then, you can still get the joy out of writing it even if it’s just because you’re ignorant of its true state.

On another note, I went to the Cubs game yesterday where they completed the sweep of the Milwaukee Brewers. They’ve been looking good as of late, much better than how they began the season. Chatwood had a great start and ended up with the win for the day. There’s something about Wrigley Field that makes it unlike any other ballpark. The fans, the atmosphere, the neighborhood, the family feel all come together to create an aura that embraces the Cubs and makes the fan base unlike any other. It also helps that they’ve pulled together some good wins as of late and giving us a season and team to look forward to. I’ve been finding myself watching more and more of their games when I’m not working and following the team more than I have been in the past. When I was playing baseball competitively, I would watch the MLB Network religiously. But when I stopped playing competitively, I found anything baseball a little hard to watch. As time went on, I was able to get back into loving the game for the game and having fun watching it like I used to. Now, with Cubs being good and a new baseball team coming to Chicago, while it may be independent, it gives me a new appreciation for the game and something to blog for Goatbsbl.com about. (Yes, it’s a shameless plug.)

While it was pretty chilly yesterday because our seats were in the shade, we managed to keep warm and enjoy a great game of baseball in one of the greatest parks in America. It wasn’t the most action-packed games, but it was satisfying nonetheless as they Cubbies pulled out a win. The Vienna Beef hot dogs, charred burgers, crisp Bud Lights, and Cubbie blue all came together within the Friendly Confines. Ya gotta love a team that loves their fans and their city as much as the Chicago Cubs. I hope I get to attend more games this year and have fun down in Wrigley a few more times before the fall comes back around.


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