Chicago’s “Low” Crime Rate 2018

So far in 2018, violent crime in Chicago is reportedly down. Well, not really. While homicides are down, those are about to skyrocket as the weather gets nicer. It’s been too cold in Chicago. But, as all police and many citizens of Chicago know, once the weather gets nice, the bullets start flying.

They’ve been flying already in the Windy City. So far, 124 people have been shot & killed, there have been 153 homicides, and a total of 739 people have been shot according to Keep in mind, it’s been the coldest spring in decades in Chicago. Now that it’s starting to heat up, those numbers are going to jump. Unfortunately, politicians and other parts of the machine have allowed this city to be taken over by the criminals. Violent offenders are being released on I-Bonds, sentences for many crimes being just probation, and certain law officials who are supposed to uphold the law in Cook County are instead setting their sights on those who enforce it. Rather than keep criminals in jail and attempt to make Chicago safer, Cook County States Attorneys would rather put a police officer behind bars than keep proven offenders there.

Yes, there are bad cops all over the country, but not nearly as many as the media would have you believe. Cook County is throwing police under the bus so now the police have pulled back on their presence in certain areas, seeing as the resident shout that they don’t want the police there anyway. Sure enough, those same areas, after criminals were left to do their bidding and innocents were getting caught in the crossfire, are now saying they want the police back. Hm, I wonder why.

I love Chicago. At one point, when the police were allowed to do their jobs and the public trusted them, crime was prosecuted properly and criminals were taken off the streets. But now the police are told to wear blindfolds, their powers within the city have been cut in half, and people who have 20 or more arrests are free to roam because of the States Attorneys office which wants a 100% conviction rate so anything short of the offender caught in the act on video holding up his ID and birth certificate are pled out. Unless of course, the police twist his arm a little bit, in which case the city gives the offender their lottery winnings.

While there has been quite the number of scandals in Chicago involving corruption, dirty cops, and the like, the media plays a massive role in Chicago’s downfall. Painting all cops as criminals and all criminals as victims, media outlets have helped hand over the city to criminals. Criminals aren’t even scared to be recorded in the act anymore. In Norridge, a small suburb located within the city limits of Chicago on the Northwest side had two kids armed with knives and wire cutters walked into an AT&T store with multiple employees and customers inside and began stealing cellphones and other devices. These kids were being recorded, didn’t have their faces covered, and seemed to be going about business as usual.

While the Norridge Police Department is pretty good from what I understand, it falls within Cook County. So these kids, even if they are apprehended, know they won’t do any time and will get slaps on the wrist. However, if and when they are caught, they will already have offloaded the phones. That is what the States Attorneys have created along with the media: criminals with no fear of being caught. As we’ve seen in Chicago, with the high homicide rates and the massive jump in recent carjackings, criminals who once at the very least were afraid of the cops that caught them have nothing but themselves to fear anymore. But remember, it’s the guns’ fault.


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