Great Weather Short Lived

After two beautiful days of cloudless skies and 80-degree weather, Chicago decided to defecate on us once more by bringing heavy thunderstorms our way once again. Luckily, it hasn’t been very humid but I you can feel it coming. Once storms are over, Chicago weather does one of two things: gets sunny with humidity so high your shirt is never not sticky, or it gets freezing wet outside and life becomes depressing once more. Oh, how I look forward to what is to come…

Frigid Nights is coming along, I’ve made more progress in the last few weeks than I have in the last few months. It’s been good. I find myself getting into a groove much easier and quicker with the story as it has hit a point where each chapter seems to flow into the next one I find the wood to build that bridge. Now, it’s just finding the time to sit down and write that seems to be the issues. When I work the afternoon, no problem, but when I work the during the day (like I am now) I’m so tired after work that I will eat, read a little bit, and go to sleep. But, I will be working afternoons again soon so I will knock a lot of it out then.

What do you guys want to read from me? Do you want more chapters of FN? Do you want short stories? Do you want to read my blogs about random shit like today or more oriented towards writing? Looking to hear from you guys so we can connect better and you guys can read a post and be on the edge of your seats waiting for the next one (Don’t worry, I know I’m not that exciting). Let’s hear from you!


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