Baseball Fever

Between the Chicago Cubs, all the games on TV, watching highlights on,  and watching college baseball, there’s more than enough to go around. I’m currently watching Florida State take on Clemson as there are no MLB games on currently. With that said, sometimes, like most other sports, the college leagues are more fun to watch than the majors because you have passionate kids still trying to prove themselves and make it to the top. While it’s not so much the same with baseball as the players tend to go all out no matter what league they’re in, kinda like hockey, football is one of those sports where I’ll watch college over the NFL any day of the week. NFL players are cocky, lazy, and just trying to protect a contract rather than go all out. College players go balls to the walls day in and day out. College over NFL for sure. Baseball, I prefer the majors but I’ll be watching the Sun Devils play anytime they’re on. Same goes for Stanford.

I’ve been watching the MLB highlights anytime I get a chance to. The game has been revitalized in my opinion. With players like Aaron Judge, Mookie Betts, Anthony Rizzo, and Kris Bryant (yes, I’m a little biased on those last two), the game is more exciting to watch than ever. You have the long ball, pitching duels, basic baseball, and highlight reel plays coming nonstop. While I don’t necessarily agree with some of the rule changes (particularly regarding contact on plays at the plate, and that’s coming from a catcher), watching the league now features my team, the Chicago Cubs, actually doing well post-World Series than before it when you went to the game for the beer and women and not necessarily the team on the field. Since 2015, they’ve been hot and while last year wasn’t all that great, they’ve been doing very well this year and it’s been awesome to watch. Hopefully, Baez isn’t going to be out for a while…

Major League Baseball will even be going to Europe next year with the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox set to have a regular season series in London in 2019. Europe has obviously heard of baseball, but it’s not nearly as popular there as it is here. I’m sure this series will bring a whole new group of fans to the game.

Nothing says summer like a baseball game. It features everything that is associated with summer: warm weather, a couple cold ones, tailgating, and being with the people you care about. Can’t beat it. And now with the Cubs tickets available and the new Chicago Dogs a few minutes drive away, It’ll be a fun summer of baseball games.


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