Crime and the News

I wish the media could actually be trusted. The quote goes like this: “if don’t watch the news, you’re uninformed. If you do, you’re misinformed.” Unfortunately, everything has an agenda and it ruins any legitimate or trustworthy news. Whether it be far-right or far-left, they all suck. They’re all pushing something. You can only trust the information if you researched it yourself.

Chicago has had a massive rise in car-jackings lately and the media won’t even put out descriptions of the suspects so that citizens can prevent themselves from being car-jacked. They say something along the lines of “male subjects” and neglect to give out any further information in fear of “offending” someone. Are you kidding me? If a bald Asian guy with a red and black striped shirt wearing mandals and smoking a pipe is carjacking people, that’d be a good description to be on the lookout for. But, because that isn’t the description of who’s actually doing these things, at least since the papers have never given out that description for these recent carjackings, the newspapers and TV stations refuse to put the real descriptions out.

They’re really doing the public a service by hiding the descriptions of suspects that might possibly single a criminal out in a city of millions where a couple hundred would match the exact description given. The newspapers cannot be trusted to give you any useful information regarding crime because they all have an agenda. The police want to give out the descriptions because they want the criminals caught. However, especially in Crook County, they would let hundreds of criminals off to prey on the public so long as they can get one cop indicted for not showing their badge and ID card to someone within the first thirty seconds of a traffic stop.


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