Da Gaem of Trownes

Game of Thrones is one of the most complex storylines I’ve ever watched unfold. I’ll admit, I tried reading the first book to start the series but it was a little hard for me to follow with all the names and cities that sound alike. If you aren’t familiar with GoT, it’s incredibly complicated and it’s a new world of its own so it can be hard to follow at times. However, watching the show makes everything easier but because of the show, I’d be able to go back and enjoy the added material that’s been skipped in the show and be able to visualize everything considering it’s so hard to jump into that brand new world with no prior knowledge of it.

I started the TV show about a month ago. A friend of mine was adamant about watching it but I really wasn’t interested. I’d seen commercials but medieval stuff didn’t really spark my interest. After loads of nagging, I eventually gave it a shot and decided to watch a couple episodes. I’m now on season 6 of 7. Yeah, one could say I’ve become enthralled in the story.

The story, fortunately or unfortunately, experiences many of the characters perish suddenly. While they die and it pushes the story forward, there are many that die that you don’t want to and it tugs at your heartstrings. If you like sandwiches with bread, books with pages, or computers with internet, you’d like Game of Thrones.


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