New Books

Well, it’s pouring here in the Windy City and it’s supposed to continue the deluge for the rest of the day. It’d be nice if I could be home watching the storm and writing or something but that’s not and option today. Oh well, there will be plenty more rainy days to come I’m sure.

It’s been a while since my last post which was a short story called Homefront. I wanted to write that day but I want to write something different. Don’t get me wrong, Frigid Nights is coming along just fine, I just wanted to write something new. I was thinking of challenging myself to write a short story a day once I finish the first draft of FN. I think that’d be fun because it’ll challenge me to write a new full story every day and you’ll get to read something new each day aside from my dumb updates of writing/not writing and meteorological reports…

I’m still reading the Black Echo by Michael Connelly. I recently went to a bookstore and found a section completely dedicated to Crime Fiction so suffice it to say, a couple books have been added to my To Read list.

I love getting new books. I know it’ll be a while before I can get around to reading them since the list is long, but getting a new book is fantastic. It’s a whole new adventure, a brand new story you get to experience with each one. Like the old quote goes, “most people get to live one life but when you read, you get to experience thousands.”


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