Writing Rampant / Marketing

I’ve actually been writing like crazy lately which isn’t very typical of me. A lot of times, thinking about writing is easier than sitting down to do it so I find myself stuck in that rut sometimes. As of late, I’ve written completed two new chapters of Frigid Nights and have added to my outline of the novel so it makes it easier to go forward. I must say, the outline idea may be one I keep around for a while. It’s been working well so far by allowing me to map chapters out ahead of time while also leaving room for me to be creative in the writing of the chapters. I’d say it’s a keeper.

One of the hardest things about being a self-published writer is, well, no one cares. Don’t get me wrong, the support from family and friends is great but we know that great family and friends are going to support you regardless. What I mean by no one caring is that until you publish a few novels or until one of them does really well, your name and your work remains virtually unknown outside of your little bubble of people who know you. Taking Chances has been on Amazon for almost two years now and aside from when I market it for free on Kindle, very few people look to download or purchase it. Don’t get me wrong, at this point in my writing career, I’m just stoked that people are downloading my book and taking the time to read it. I just wish I was able to see if people are actually reading it and enjoying it. It’s difficult getting feedback and it’s something I wish I had more of, but less and less people are reading these days and even fewer are reviewing the book on Amazon. I’m grateful for the fans I have, I would just like to know about them!

Marketing yourself as a self-published author mainly revolves around your social media presence and your blog, like this one here. I have this connected to my author Facebook and Twitter pages because if I didn’t those pages would be virtually empty. I spend more time on Instagram but I don’t post much. I’m going to have to get on top of that because IG is becoming the best way to market anything, including yourself! I hope that I’ll be able to get this blog popular as it’s waining currently. A few months back, I wrote on here every day and I got quite a bit of traffic. However, that popularity has dropped and it’s my fault. I’ve not been writing on here as much as I should be but I am changing that. Between writing on the sports blog, writing FN, and working, I’m going to make time to ensure that whoever is still reading this blog is getting their money’s worth (or their time’s) because the real fans are still reading this when it’s in a slump and I appreciate that like you wouldn’t believe. Keep following and reading, because there is some greatness to come!


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