Getting Published?

Taking Chances, my first novel, may be getting published by a new publishing house! I sent the manuscript in just to see if the publishing house would be interested in publishing the book and they are. I saw a post for a new publisher looking for novels and clients and shot my shot. They told me they loved my writing and with a few edits, would like to be the publishers of TC and possibly my next book after that. I may have my first publishing contract soon!

It’s a small independent publishing house which I would be one of the first authors to sign with. I like the idea of being one of the first authors to work with the company and I think it would be awesome to possibly have a publisher for my subsequent novels. I have a little more to look into regarding the contract, but I think it’ll be a good experience and fun to be a part of. When there are more updates to that, I’ll be sure to post them.

Every authors dream is to get published. Some authors write books only with the intent of writing it but don’t go into it with the goal of publishing it. Why write a book for only yourself. I understand writing a story you want to write, but I can’t understand not sharing it. I’ve sent them the first few chapters of Frigid Nights and they already seem interested so potentially publishing two novels with them would be fantastic. What do you think about small publishing firms? Have you had any experience with them?


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