The weather is finally getting to that which I enjoy most. Fall is here and with the cooling of the air, I can finally wear hoodies again without sweating through them. I love the summer because of baseball season and shorts, but I adore fall because I’m typically always warm and this allows me to stay cool and still enjoy post-season baseball and the start of hockey season.

I love the changing of the seasons from summer to fall. The leaves turn gold, orange, and brown while some remain green, providing a wider array of colors and a more beautiful contrast across the landscape. While it’s only the beginning of fall and those color scapes have yet to be seen, they’re awesome to see when they come around.

I also always associated fall with the start of the school year. I loved school growing up and still love learning, but with fall always came new classes, new classmates, and new information. It’s been two years since I graduated college and I miss that environment where learning was encouraged and practiced daily. Plus, all the parties and late nights made it a very unique experience. Even now, I am taking online classes that are on topics I’m interested in. The best part of them is that they’re free. I want the knowledge, I don’t need the expensive degree at the moment. Schools should be institutions focused on imparting knowledge, not businesses where you pay for a piece of paper. I understand universities require more integrity in proving your understanding but I don’t think that $2K per class is that worth it. Colleges need to get back to providing a service, not profiting off of people who have been told that a degree is the only way to succeed in life. They’ve leveraged the market in their favor and have taken complete and total advantage of it and they wonder why so many millennials who start their adult lives $70k in the hole still live at home and work crappy jobs. Wow, that blog post ended a lot differently than I thought it would.

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