Why MLB: The Show Needs to Come to Xbox

MLB the Show is easily the best baseball video game franchise out there. The 2K games were pretty good, but nothing really compared to The Show unless you loved the classic fuckery of Slugfest. The Show has the career mode, add-ons, and graphics that other games wish the had. Unfortunately, The Show is only for PS4 so for someone like me, an Xbox gamer, that’s very disheartening.

Xbox currently has RBI Baseball which is awful. It’s a low-quality arcade came with modern rosters. The control scheme can get a little confusing but only when you have multiple runners on base and you want some to advance and some to stay. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to throw my controller at the TV because I wanted one guy to tag up and go home and all three runners left their bases and the inning ended prematurely.

I still play MLB ’06 The Show on my PSP… Yeah, that’s how bad RBI Baseball is and how good MLB is. Twelve years later, the gameplay and game modes are still superior.

I can’t think of why The Show stays only with PS4. They could expand the franchise and bring it to so many new players and fans if they simply made the game for Xbox too. That way, they can have guys like me who love baseball and would play the game all the time, buying the game year after year and still be happy. I only play RBI Baseball to get my fix but it’s such an arcade-style game that it’s aggravating to someone who wants more. The only option I really have for playing a baseball game is to buy a PS4 for the sake of owning The Show but that’s not likely to happen. But I guess we shall see. What do you think, do I suck it up and play RBI Baseball or do I buy a PS4 just to play the sacred MLB The Show?


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