YouTube Writers

YouTube is filled with a vast number of people creating videos and giving tips about writing. Everything from how to come up with a title to how to market the final print-ready copy of the book. I won’t name names, but many of them make it seem as if they’re making a living from their writing when in fact, they’re making a living with another job or with their YouTube channel.

Now, I’m not against someone making a living doing something else and writing in their off time, nor am I against someone making a living with a YouTube channel. I would like, however, if these people were upfront about where their primary income was coming from because I’m sure many viewers think, “this person is making their living by writing and living my dream! Their writing advice must be gold!” Many of the YouTubers also will not explicitly tell their audience they make their money elsewhere because it takes away from the credibility of their writing advice. I’ve mentioned from the get go, I’m no full-time writer. I have a full-time career and currently have to get my writing in between shifts and the rest of life. I’d love to write full-time but as of right now, that’s a long way off. I just think being honest with your viewers is important and a necessity.

I emailed one of the YouTubers I watch to ask how they came to earn a living from their writing, where they had no other occupation, and had only written one book. I found that they didn’t earn a living from their writing, but from YouTube and their channel. I don’t find an issue with earning their money this way, but I find an issue with having their entire channel make it seem like they earn their living solely through writing and YouTube is a side gig when it’s actually vice versa. Man, if only I had some experience with creating and editing good videos for a YouTube Channel and had some valuable advice to give, I could make that my career. Unfortunately, I only have the bits I find out along the way and I post them here.

I just think people should be a little more upfront about where they’re money is coming from, especially if they’re leading people to believe it comes from something other than what it appears to be. That’s just my two cents, what do you think?


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