Visiting Arizona 2019

For my spring vacation, I returned to Arizona State where I went to college for two years. I loved it and we’re staying right near campus but we’re also here to see the Chicago Cubs in their first Spring Training game of the year at Sloan Park in Mesa. Being here only three days, I’m already missing Arizona and avoiding the thought that I will have to return to the awful weather of Chicago soon.

Getting to walk around the massive Arizona State campus again was nostalgic for me as I remembered going from class to class and enjoying meals outside under the sun in my first couple years of college. Although the weather currently is reminiscent of springtime Chicago (40 degrees and raining), it brightens up for the game we’re going to tomorrow and I’m ecstatic the start of the baseball season is upon us. In high school, my plan was to go to ASU and permanently move out here but that ended up not coming to fruition. However, I’ve always wondered how different my life would’ve been if I’d stuck with that plan. I can’t say it’d be better or worse, but certainly, the weather would’ve been better.

We’re here to visit ASU’s campus again, get some Sun Devil gear, and watch some baseball. We were hoping for Arizona weather but Chicago’s trash weather followed us here. Hoping it clears up and brightens up to show how beautiful I know Arizona to be. One thing I’ve noticed is so many places have been built up and there are numerous new buildings, both commercial and residential, which look luxurious compared to a lot of what I see back home in Chicago. The best part is about in Arizona, they’re affordable, whereas in Chicago they cost you your first-born.

Who knows what the future has in store but maybe I’ll end up returning to Arizona and continuing my life here or possibly coming here when I retire. I guess we shall see how it pans out!



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