Spring Training 2019

Baseball is here and with Spring Training games being on almost every day, there’s plenty to watch. Unfortunately, if you’re like me and work nights, you can’t watch much. You see highlights after the fact and don’t get the full atmosphere of watching a game live. You still get to see the videos on MLB.com and ESPN (when ESPN isn’t all over LeBron like flies on shit), you still see them on Instagram. There are plenty of good videos on YouTube but with some of the content copyrights from MLB, the content can be limited.

I have to get my fill of baseball via highlight reels, the Barstool Starting9 podcast, and YouTube, occasionally getting to watch a full game on my day off. It’s hard to follow all the great talent the MLB has today, but hopefully I’ll be able to self-educate this season and write for LMBF more often. For those that don’t know, LMBF is an unfiltered sports blog, similar to Barstool style but with its own personality and plan of attack. If you like sports, you’ll like LMBF.

I have old friends that are so knowledgeable about baseball, they can rattle off some minor leaguer’s stats off the top of their heads. One friend is so crazy into baseball and hockey, he can do that for both sports AND knows the history those teams. I need to get to that level.

I’ve been a knowledgeable spectator the past few years but I intend to become a wise sports writer this year so watch out. Spring Training baseball is here and that means the season is right around the corner. I’m confident my Cubbies are set to contend, no doubt, and I think my second love Red Sox are sure to put up a fight in defending their titles. Both have great farm programs so they’ll be contenders for years to come and I’m looking forward to see the next few seasons unfold.

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