Some time away

I’ve been away from my blog, away from daily writing, and it was a much needed break away. I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I saw how many days it had been since I last wrote anything meaningful. I had a bunch of days off work where I planned to write and get a lot done but I was constantly doing other things and had other obligations that I didn’t have much time to sit down and write anything. Instead, I edited a couple chapters of FN (which may become Sirens?) but didn’t do much beyond that. I wanted time to relax, yet being away from writing made me more stressed than anything so I’m getting back to it to keep the little shreds of sanity I have left.

Some time away from writing made me remember how much I enjoy it. I enjoy creating stories people like to read and the simple act of writing is therapeutic. Like Hemingway said, “you just sit at your typewriter and bleed.” I wish I can say I’d been productive in other arenas but I didn’t do anything worth mentioning so that’s out the window. I’m still finishing up reading the same book and haven’t made much progress on editing (it’s a lot of work). It’ll all come once I’m back on my daily grind with writing and back into my routine.

I never realized how important my routine is to me until recently when I was forced to live outside of it for so long. It was awful. Time available to write was virtually nonexistent and it felt like I’d never get back to it. Finding time to get to the gym was a struggle and even on my days off from work, it felt like I wasn’t finding much joy in the things I usually do because I didn’t have time to enjoy them, I had to fit them into a hectic schedule. Now I’ll be hopping back into my routine and keeping myself busy with writing, reading, editing, and hopefully accomplishing.


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