One problem specifically associated with working night shift is the inability to sleep through the night on your days off. I’ve been getting awful sleep lately and can’t seem to get back on my proper schedule that allowed me to get adequate amounts of sleep.

One upside to this bout with insomnia is the time I have to write and work on Sirens. I’ll be printing out the first ten chapters for a read through today so I can get started on that portion of the edit. I can’t wait to have this edit done and the book finished but it’s a long haul.

On another note, pitchers and catchers report within the week and I’m going to be covering more Cubs baseball and can’t wait for the 2020 season to start. I have high hopes for baseball this year and it’s been tough not having it this off season. With all the scandals that have stricken the game lately, it’ll be good to get back to just enjoying the game of baseball again.


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