I’m working on a crime story and while I know how I want the plot to go, I’ve hit a wall in the writing. One thing I keep running into is I’ve never written a crime story before. I’m not sure if I’m keeping it suspenseful enough or writing it well enough in the story and I won’t know until I finish and someone else reads it and gives me some feedback. I’m also constantly working my way through the maze of a crime novel with twists and turns that I need to create and am not all too experienced in how to create those. It’s hard ensuring that the twists and turns match up with the tone of the story and are believable to the reader and not just thrown in there for effect.

Reading Michael Connelly’s stories, it’s given me some good ideas on how to work those into the story but like anything, seeing someone else do it is much different than when you finally attempt to work them in yourself. Sort of like going to school to study a subject, you can’t fully comprehend it until you do it for real. That hands-on experience is what’s going to get you the most education for anything you do.


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