New story on the way

I’d say I have just one writing session left before I finish the first draft of my crime fiction short story. I’m so close I can see the finish line. I’ll have a bit of editing to do as it’ll not only include editing of the writing but also editing to ensure some aspects of the story are factual as it includes some police procedural stuff and I have some friends who will hopefully help me out with those bits. I think the story will be about 25 total pages or around there.

I love writing first drafts, no issues there. I hate editing because it seems like there’s more work to be done as it’s something I don’t have that much valuable experience with. Even in high school and college, I didn’t do much editing on papers. I read them over to ensure they sounded right and fixed things but I didn’t completely tear them apart in attempts to fix everything up. Unfortunately for my stories, I have to edit them myself because hiring a professional editor is expensive and I’m no Stephen King where one is paid by a publisher for me. I don’t know what I’m looking for when I’m editing other than grammar and sentence structure. Yes, massive plot holes and other issues may stand out but the tiny ones I’d likely miss. Long story short, I need the money to afford a professional editor.

My short stories are only edited by me because I’m not going to pay someone to edit a story of twenty or so pages. I’ll edit those the best I can.

This story will be out soon after the completion of the first draft and while I may post it here, I’m considering publishing it use Kindle and while it will have paid in-print copies, there will also be eBook copies that can either be purchased or downloaded for free during marketing periods so be on the lookout for them! I’m going to publish them for the cheapest price allowed as it’s a short story and I want the story out there for people to read. It’ll be out soon and I’ll make posts on my social media when the story is available for free, for purchase, and if I publish the first parts for free on my blog. Keep an eye out!


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