I look upon the world

With tired eyes,

Longing for pause

As the wretched day dies.

Constant threats

Loom overhead,

New terror arrives

‘Fore we bury our dead.

My senses are dulled,

My nerves are numb.

I’ve been beaten and bloodied

like a battlefield drum. 

I lay my head

To drift off to sleep

Only for my mind

To bound and leap

With flaming images

Of carnage and death

From watching brothers in arms

Take their dying breath. 

I’ve seen death of both

Those loved and hated,

Feeling remorse for each

Of the souls now fated.

I twist and turn

As I watch my eyelids

Wishing the horror to stop

But my mind forbids. 

I look up and plead

In the quiet night, 

That God will take pity 

On the sorrowful sight. 

I’m scarred and beaten

Along with my brothers in war.

For God and for Country, 

The oath I swore. 

Yet I know from what I’ve seen

Since this war had started,

From the presence of God

We’ve long departed. 

Though I hope and I pray

That I will live through tomorrow,

I know I’m only alive

Because of time I’ve borrowed.

If I live to the day

Again to battle and brawl,

I sense it’s not far off

My debt will be called. 

I have a sense, 

A feeling down to my core. 

I may live through the battle, 

But not through the war. 

We’ve strayed from God

Too far to return, 

Now we only wait

For our lives to adjourn.

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