17 Seconds – A Poem About the Chicago Blackhawks 2013 Stanley Cup Win

* 17 Seconds * A Blackhawks Poem

Emotions run high

Along with stress

The twists and the turns

Would leave you a mess

Up and down

the ice they go

Skating towards

And away from the Crow

Up in the zone

Of course, is Tazer,

Dangles a bit

And fires a laser

The crowd goes numb

With anticipation

Rask’s analysis

Led to the slightest hesitation

A puck went through

The Bruins’ five hole

Set the ‘Hawks into a frenzy

As they celebrated the goal.

More time went by

And the Bruins never buckled

Until it came down

To the bare-knuckle

Hoping for the best

But expecting the worst

Hawks fans were anxious

And ready to burst

Speechless moments

Came and went

By the last five minutes

We were all spent

With a minute twenty to go

A Hawk shot through the sticks

Whacking at the rebound

Big, came up Bicks!

Hawks fans let loose

“We tied the game”

Expecting OT

Predicting another frame

But a few seconds later,

To whom I must tip my hat,

With a goal to clinch it

Was Bolland, the Rat

Our excitement had spiked

As our emotion boiled over

The party had begun

And the game wasn’t even over

We watched the clock

All the way to zero

Every man on that team

Had just become a hero

The streets were filled

As we saw explosions in the sky

It all came down to this

This emotional high

We all remember where we were

And we will never ever forget

Just how we felt

When that puck hit the net

In less than a minute

We went from down, tied, to up

It was that Roller Coaster Minute

When the Hawks clinched the cup.


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