Trip to Nashville 2021

On our way to Tallahassee, Florida, we decided to make a one day stop at our halfway point, Nashville. I wanted this stop not only because I love Tennessee but also because I can’t stand being in a car for 15 straight hours. While I’ve heard great things about Nashville, I’d never done more than drive through the area and because one of my favorite radio shows is recorded there, the Dave Ramsey Show, and they allow you to enter the studio and meet Dave and the co-hosts.

After checking into the hotel and getting a quick break from driving, my girlfriend Brianna and I headed over to the Ramsey Solutions building to check it out. They let us drive right up and we got to walk in as the show was recording. So, naturally, being the strong man that I am, I fan-girled the whole time. The building was brand new and very well-decorated, showcasing the studio itself as well as Dave’s long lasting history going back decades from when the show originally aired and all the people he’s met over the years. It was quite the site.

On top of that, what made the quick trip, was getting to meet Dave and his daughter, Rachel Cruze, in between segments of the show and not only get pictures with them, but Dave autographed the book that was the reason I got out of debt and followed him to begin with, the Complete Guide to Money. It was a great experience that I’ll never forget.

Shortly after, we returned to the city to check out the night life. We went out on Broadway and walked down the street, observing country bar after country bar along with the numerous bachelorette parties enjoying the country atmosphere. I even met up with my friend Matt from high school and his brother so we all got some food at the Stillery on 2nd Street before walking around the downtown a bit more and checking out some of their shops. It was a great stop off on our way down to Tallahassee and we made the most of it, at least I thought so. Brianna and I were exhausted and had another long day of driving planned for the morning so we headed back to the hotel and knocked out. The only thing that could’ve topped it off would’ve been to see the Predators play the Blackhawks but for that portion of their two game series the Hawks had returned to Chicago and I don’t think either of us would’ve had the energy to make it through the entire game. Actually, I would’ve shotgunned some red bulls or pinned my eyes open while Brianna slept next to me.


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