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Novel Release Date!

My novel is set for release! It's been a long time since I began writing it and finished the first draft, but now it is finally complete and will be coming out in paperback on Amazon in two weeks. I have sweated over this story for a long time and am happy to be finished ...


Taking Chances Paperback and New Novel

I have finished the final edit (I think) for my first novel, Taking Chances. I have ordered proofs of the paperback to ensure that everything comes out right in terms of the print, but it will also give me a chance to read it where I can read the book itself rather than sit there and critique ...


Reading and Education

People are impressed with intelligence. Think about the most influential people you've ever met or looked up to. They were educated. Whether it be a PhD or experience within their field, they were educated. The key to education is that it shouldn't start or end with school/college. You should continue to educate yourself on various ...


Novel Titles and Harry Potter

I'm close to finally being finished with my first novel, Taking Chances. I've printed it out and am doing my last run through for any mistakes and edits that need to be made. I've also been sending out query letters to various agents and publishers, but that endeavor has proven fruitless. I'm looking at self-publishing through ...