Benefits of Recent Prompt Exercises

I've recently shared a number of the prompt exercises I've completed for an online class I'm taking. What I like about them is they've forced me to write. That's the most important thing is I'm writing. The second thing I like about them is each has required me to focus on a different aspect of … Continue reading Benefits of Recent Prompt Exercises


“Post Office” by Charles Bukowski

I actually looked into Charles Bukowski because of a reference made to him in a Letterkenny episode. I'd heard of him before but hadn't read any of his work only to find he's written multiple novels and hundreds of stories. Bukowski definitely has a one-of-a-kind style. From harsh profanity to ALL CAPS to unique characters, … Continue reading “Post Office” by Charles Bukowski

Why Reading Old Work Is Good For Your Soul

Every writer has a file of their old pieces. Short stories, poems, even old novels that as the person who wrote them, find them so cringeworthy to read again. It's not because they're sappy love letters or nostalgia you don't want to visit, but because after dedicating so much time and passion into your writing, … Continue reading Why Reading Old Work Is Good For Your Soul