Memento Mori

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rat race? You’rejust going through the motions. Though you have a dream in mind, you feel like it’s too unrealistic, too grandiose, and like it will always be a dream? It’s a struggle. And it only gets worse as you get older. Life will always get in the way and those that … Continue reading Memento Mori



Well, this whole crime fiction writing is a bit tough. Not that other genres of writing are easy, it’s just difficult to get so many things write in crime fiction. The police procedural aspect must be accurate. The interactions between cops must be realistic. The case they’re investigating has to be intriguing and include complex details and … Continue reading 29OCT2021

Sirens Beta

Finally, I got someone to beta-read Sirens. Hopefully, using their feedback, I'll be able to a another full edit of the book and prep it for release. I essentially wrote it almost three years ago but it's been sitting on my computer as I didn't want to release it before having some betas read it … Continue reading Sirens Beta