When both of your teams lose…

Having gone to Arizona State and also being a Stanford fan, I was upset when both college football teams dropped it this week. I’m not a big football guy. Never played in high school. Never do the fantasy drafts or anything like that. But this season I was looking forward to college football and I’m still not sure why. I’m sure I’ll change focus once hockey starts back up again but until then, college football it is.

Arizona State was a great time, I had a blast there. I really enjoyed my years there before I came home and finished up at another school I will never forget, Illinois State. I have three favorite college football teams: Arizona State, Stanford, and Illinois State. ASU and ISU are obvious because I went to both. But why Stanford? Couldn’t tell ya. Just love the school. But with Illinois State having the week off, I was all about ASU and Stanford.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t actually watch the games because I was working, but I was getting the constant ESPN updates. I was pretty disappointed when Stanford lost, but when ASU lost to SDSU, heartbreak. I was looking forward to watching the game when I got home but work ran a little late and I already knew the result.

I didn’t let it get to me too bad because 1) I’ve never been a big football guy anyway, 2) because there’s plenty of season left, and 3) because Blackhawks hockey starts soon and I can’t wait.

I’ve been working non-stop and have a nice four-day weekend coming up. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much inspiration and have been working my way through writer’s block. I don’t have a story I’m working on at the moment so my blog is going to be seeing a lot of action. I’m going to be writing each day, but it looks like I’ll be posting here until I figure out my next story or even while I’m working on it.

According to WordPress, more people tend to read these posts than I thought. I figured a few people here and there would glance over them, but according to the stats, I’m getting more and more traffic on the site which is pushing me to write a lot more and hopefully churn out a good story for you soon but also to keep up with posting more frequently. I’m aiming for once every other day but it may turn out to be more than that or slightly less. Either way, I’ll be posting on here more often.

Sorry if you expected me to go into a long spiel about college football and whatnot but I’m just not that guy that’s crazy into trades, rumors, and sports statistics. I like watching games and enjoying the atmosphere. With baseball being one of the most significant influences on my life and me becoming such a huge fan of hockey, those are about all I can talk at length about. Football, to me, is more about staying connected with my alma maters and watching passionate people work towards realizing their goals and not just protecting contracts (yeah, I said it NFL).


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