27DEC2017: Question

Here’s a serious question: Why do you think people don’t read anymore? Back in the day, kids were reading books like no other. I remember in grade school the kids, particularly the girls, would always have a book in their desk that they would read when class got boring. I used to read all the time growing up. The scholastic book fair at school was like a holiday for me. Seriously, I looked forward to the day books came to me as opposed to me going to look for them.

What about reading has so many people not doing it anymore unless it’s a quick blog or an article? Is it because school turned many off to novels? Or is our generation so ingrained with the instant gratification of TV and movies that they don’t want to spend the time to read a book? Maybe today’s novels have just become one trash heap after another, I don’t know.

What has turned so many people away from a page and toward a screen? Shit, I don’t care if you read from a Kindle, I have one. Just read a book. One that’s not assigned by a teacher or professor. One you would actually enjoy. I wonder if in the traditional school system’s efforts to make children read as adults that they actually pushed kids away from the world of books and towards the short-lived happiness of a screen. What do you think?


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