Importance of Hobbies

I don’t know what many of you do for hobbies, mainly since you don’t comment (*wink wink*), but I have a few of my own. Aside from reading and writing which you know about, I love video games. I love being able to immerse myself in an interactive story. I can be a LAPD detective in LA Noire. I can be an expertly trained criminal in Grand Theft Auto 5. I can be an NHL all-star in NHL 18. I can also go back and fight the Nazis in WWII in Call of Duty. These games allow people to experience things that they could never otherwise experience (obviously without the danger involved).

These games enable me to experience things I otherwise wouldn’t have or be able to. I don’t want to be a criminal, but who doesn’t like a good crime movie? I can’t be an LAPD detective back in 1947 because I was born way after. But in these arenas, I can. On top of all that, they are a great stress reliever and there’s a massive community of people who enjoy these games just as much if not more than I do.

They’re a fun way to relieve stress, experience something new, and enjoy something with friends. Multiplayer options allow you to play games with people all over the world or play with friends close to home.

The important thing is to do something you like to do just for the sake of doing it. You don’t have to be a professional at it. You don’t have to make money doing it. You just have to enjoy it. What do you do as a hobby?


6 thoughts on “Importance of Hobbies

  1. I have way too many hobbies (that is why I started a blog called tons of hobbies….actually the first one was called jack of all hobbies (master of none).
    I have trains, RC cars, cycling, plastic models, reading, blogging, comic books, video games (though I am not really a gamer), collector of stuff….the list goes on.
    I think I start a new hobby every six months or so. Currently, I am trying to avoid becoming a stamp collector. I am not doing a good job of it. I have bought some stamps and I have started a new folder for stamp collecting in my favorites.
    OH well. Glad to see you are clear about your hobby goals.


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