Let It Snow…

What is Chicago but a wonderful place filled with humid summers, gigantic skyscrapers, and bitterly cold winters? After having a little break from the crappy weather, the weather gods have seen fit to blanket the Second City with powder once again. While I happen to like seeing fresh snow, the biting cold is getting rather… old.

The streets are horrendous. Even if your car has ABS, you’re sliding for days. Unfortunately, in a city known for bad drivers, those same bad drivers don’t realize that snow makes it harder to stop and you can’t go anywhere without seeing an accident somewhere. It’d be nice if people had common sense but it appears common sense isn’t so common.

I feel restless. On my day off from work, I went to the gym, played some Xbox, ran a few errands but I couldn’t seem to find anything that actually held my attention. My mind is off somewhere else and I can’t seem to bring its feet back down on the ground. I’ll have to read. I’m reading Origin by Dan Brown right now. It’s great so far; it really enthralls you and keeps interested. I’ve been too busy to read much of anything lately but with a couple days off, maybe that’ll help me clear my head a bit.

Chapter Nine is coming along. Need to add a little more to it before it’s ready for Wattpad but the rough draft of it will be done soon, hopefully, tomorrow. I’m looking forward to what is to come of this story because it’s fun to write and I hope you all enjoy reading it.


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