Cop Drama

What are your opinions on crime novels and cop drama? I mean, cops is the longest-running reality TV show and Live PD is now getting super popular. Back in the day, you had writers like James Ellroy and Raymond Chandler creating the genre that became Noir – police crime novels that took place in LA in the 50s and 60s. As much as the media demonizes police, people love to watch them on TV and read books about them it seems.

I’ve always wanted to write a crime novel but with so many twists and turns and intricate little details associated with crime novels and plots, I believe it to be a very daunting task. Maybe I’ll start out with a short story or two to get my footing and go from there to see if the genre is really something I’m interested in writing. I’m currently halfway through LA Confidential and plan to read The Big Sleep right after. The game LA Noire is exactly what I described before as you play as an LAPD detective in the forties and solve murders, slaying, and so on. The atmosphere is one of a kind that features “the dimly lit room filled with the dying pink sunset, the still-smoking cigarette next to the hanging curtains, and the well-fitting suit that allowed one to look like one must in order to call himself a player. The players were all in the know, but getting inside the circle of serpents was by no means an easy task. Set-ups, betrayals, political favors. All part of the game and your options were to raise or fold. There was no call. You were in deep or you were in the shadows of the past, whisked away with the other chumps who wouldn’t take a risk to move up the ladder.” Ya know, something along those lines. Where police and criminals were hard to tell apart but so easy at the same time.

It’s incredibly interesting and there’s no genre really like it; it stands alone within crime fiction. I wonder if there could be a new genre that encompasses today’s atmosphere as a police crime genre but taking place in Chicago. They had one in LA, but they didn’t have one primarily set in Chicago. We obviously had mobsters like Capone, Torrio, and O’Banion, but there was never a police genre of writing associated with it. I think that would be cool to read or even better, create.

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