New Title? Memorial Day

I’ve been throwing around some ideas for the title of Frigid Nights because maybe FN just isn’t right. It’s been more of a working title since I’ve been more focused on actually writing the thing and not what I should call it. While I’ve been thinking that I need to change the title, I haven’t given any thought to what I would change it to. Got any suggestions?

I’m currently working on what is easily the longest chapter in the book. There’s quite a bit going on and displaying all that’s working within it, emotions, background, etc., is pretty difficult and as I’m writing it I may think it’s done well but that doesn’t mean the reader is going to get all that I intend for. I guess we’ll have to see when you all get to read it!

What plans do you and your family have for Memorial Day? While you’re enjoying your weekend, be sure to remember the reason why Memorial Day is a holiday and not just a free day off. Keep in mind all those who gave their lives for our country to prosper. Despite a lot of the current division between peoples, try to put that aside so we can all remember the reason this country is great. The media will tell you that everyone hates each other. I don’t know about you, but that hasn’t been my life experience at all. I’ve found that the majority of people I’ve come across are good and want everyone to get along, so let’s keep that trend going. Don’t let someone else’s hatred ruin your outlook on people. Enjoy your weekend and just keep in mind the reason why you have that third day off.



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