South Park

I was watching a short YouTube documentary about Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park. It was very interesting as it went over how they met in college, how they lived shortly thereafter, and how the show got picked up and how it’s created each week. I loved hearing about how some of the characters were created and based off of real-life people. I’m a big fan of South Park so learning about the behind the scenes stuff was awesome and also gave me some motivation and inspiration to write something, so I’ll write this first, then I’ll work on Frigid Nights later today and start the next chapter.

I think South Park is a genius show. From the shots at society, the personality aspects of the characters, and the depiction of young kids is fantastic, all while including an insane amount of profanity and humor. Yes, there are a number of instances that are juvenile and include a lot of toilet humor. But the story arcs are phenomenal and the toilet humor is not the main goal, the story is. It’s a type of humor many must grow accustomed to, but it’s also one that many pick up immediately and enjoy all the other intricacies of the show. The constant societal critiques from people burying their heads in the sand to avoid a major issue to Cartman becoming the reincarnation of Hitler after seeing the Passion of the Christ, these are just some of the more popular episodes that depict people taking things too far. They also relentlessly rip on various celebrities and don’t care who is going to sue them.


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