Cubs Offense Unrelenting

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The Chicago Cubs have one thing that is rarely lacking: offense. Yes, of course, there are games that they lose but no team in the history of Major League Baseball has gone undefeated for an entire season. But for the Cubs, when one part of their lineup may be experiencing a slump or lack of production, another part’s bats are booming to make up the difference.

Even with Kris Bryant on the DL, the Cubs have seen no shortage of long balls and extra-base hits. From Tommy La Stella to Anthony Rizzo, each position player has been able to add something in terms of offensive production when others are having a tougher time. Even Tyler Chatwood has helped himself out in scoring some runs.

The Cubs manage to find a way on base, even when they call upon pinch hitters who come into the game cold. In the last thirty days, we’ve seen Rizzo and Baez lead the pack offensively. Rizzo is holding onto a .447 OBP with Baez at a .320 OBP. David Bote, last night’s walk-off hero who shattered the shutout against the Nationals with a legendary 2-out Grand-Slam, has an OBP of .452 and he hasn’t been a primary starter as he shares the position with La Stella in Bryant’s absence.

The Cubs are showing no signs of relenting. They’ve scored at least one run in 19 of their last 20 games, having been shutout only once in their 5-0 loss to KC. From their rookies to their veterans, they’ve had (almost) non-stop offensive production whether it be from playing small ball or the long ball. They’re constantly putting on a show during each game, both at the plate and making web-gems in the field. Since 2015, they’ve become the team that many Cubs fans had only been dreaming of for decades: a powerhouse that other clubs are reluctant to go to battle against.

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