Baseball and the Comfort Zone

Well, the Cubs split with the Brewers this series, both having great offensive games. The first game, the Brewers scored 7 and had multiple home runs. The second game, the Cubs had multiple home runs and scored 8. Too bad the Brewers outscored us 11 to 8 in total. That hurt. But, we’re still 3.0 games ahead in the standings, so I’ll take it.

I’ve missed baseball lately. Not only watching it because due to my work schedule, it makes catching games rather difficult, but playing. I miss playing day games in the sun and night games under the lights. I miss the camaraderie among teammates and everyone pulling for a common goal. It’s also nice when the team meshes on and off the field and you can see it amongst the players. I miss the anticipation the night before a big game or a championship series. There’s something about it that makes the hair on your neck stand up and your skin ripple with goosebumps. Even a bad day on the field is better than a good day in an office. Oh, and the competition, that’s something that makes going back to regular life very difficult. It’s hard to go from a competitive environment, one where winning is celebrated, to a non-competitive environment where winning is nothing special. It adds to the overall feeling of having accomplished something, knowing that others are working just as hard as you are to get there. Athletes everywhere have that over non-athletes when they’re off the field. Athletes are used to hard work and dedication, things that are hard to learn outside of that environment.

These are just a few of the reasons I love going to baseball games, making trips out for Spring Training, and catching up on the latest baseball and hockey statistics. They’re an escape from the daily monotony and bring me into the world where your dreams become goals.

For most, if not all, accomplishments in life, the difference is how much time you put in and your daily effort. People are always looking for a magic formula whether it be for weight loss, making money, or accomplishing your goals. Very few people understand that the secret behind the real formula is your work ethic. Are you willing to stay in all weekend to get your writing done? Or go to the gym every day to improve that 1%? Or pick up that extra shift at work? Many people are, in reality, too content with going through the motions and living within their comfort zone to do these things. Many athletes and professionals in general, understand that if you spend too much time in the comfort zone, you’re going to stay there. That competition pushes you out of the comfort zone in order to get to the next advantage. Hard work, not going through the motions, will get you to the next level.


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