Canadian Humor

In college, I discovered a show called Trailer Park Boys and after getting through the unscripted, seemingly purposeless first season, the show really started to roll and the humor was some that I hadn’t seen before. From goofy sayings to outlandish hijinks all taking place in and around a trailer park in Nova Scotia, I absolutely loved the show and continue to. Canadians have a sense of humor that’s hard to duplicate but great to watch. With Bubbles loving his kitties and living in a shed and Ricky barely literate enough to spell his name but likes being in jail at Christmas time because of the parties and booze, the show which went from having a cult following to becoming a Netflix Original Series has unique characters to say the least.

Trailer Park Boys spans twelve seasons at about ten episodes each. The liquor-loving Lahey and Randy with his cheeseburgers are hilarious dopey trailer park supervisors everyone loves to hate (RIP John Dunsworth). Homeboys J-Roc and T hold it down while the boys are out and the show continues to produce a lot of laughs.

Another cult show which has made its way to prominence is Letterkenny. The quick wit and humor is hysterical. I almost pissed myself watching the first few episodes. Following the hicks, the hockey players, and the skids of the small town of Letterkenny in Canada, the show provides words of wisdom and unstoppable laughs. From the christian kids to the skids on speed, its never a dull moment. Plus, Katie is a babe and Bonnie MacMurray is a smokeshow.

It’s hard to really capture the hilarity of Letterkenny but if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that Canadians have great senses of humor and make some damn good TV. TPB is on Netflix and Letterkenny is on Hulu, two great options that I imagine will soon phase out cable TV altogether. Get an account and start watching them today and let me know what you think!


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