In Limbo

I’m currently ahead of schedule in my online class so the peer review process isn’t going anywhere. Classmates have yet to review my work and many haven’t submitted their own for me to critique so I’m stuck in limbo wondering whether I should start something new or wait for the class to pick up so I can finish the last bit I have left.

I’ve been wanting to do more of the writing exercises to practice different writing skills but the class only has so many. Now I either have to make up my own or scour the Internet for some but the downside is there is no instructor for feedback and because of my situation, not much guaranteed feedback on my work to let me know if I’ve done the job. I guess it’ll come with it and one day I’ll be able to tell.

I haven’t started or worked on any short stories but I have ideas in the pipeline that will be coming about shortly. I need to do more work on the first edit of Frigid Nights and it’s been a combination of both me avoiding it and being too busy to get around to it but I’m approaching so days away from work where I plan to make a lot of progress. Until then, short stories!

What do you guys want to read more of? Did you have a genre that you particularly liked or a story you liked? Let me know in the comments!


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